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Our services

We ensure a balanced climate

We accompany you from the beginning: Our services range from development and design through to the construction of projects as well after sales service and maintenance.

To guarantee energy efficient operation, we equip our plants with state-of-the-art control technology.


Our services for you

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Refrigeration Technology

  • Industrial Refrigeration
  • Commercial Refrigeration

Air conditioning and ventilation technology

  • Comfort Air Conditioning
  • Industrial Air Conditioning
  • Industrial Ventilation Systems

Electrial Engineering

Whether electrical installations in large production halls, workshops or new and old buildings we have a solution for everything!

Heating technology

  • Regenerative Heating Systems / Heat Pumps
  • Combined Heat and Power plant

Heat Recovery + Energy Optimisation

  • Heat Recovery in Ventilation Air
Service + Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures the function of your system and will extend the service life of the system

Packet 1: Maintenance Contract
Includes leak testing, creation of test documents and documentation of an electronic operating manual.

Packet 2: Full-Service Contract (for new systems)
Includes maintenance with leak testing, creation of test documents and documentation of an electronic operating manual.

With a full-service contract you receive the following benefits:

  • Low maintenance
  • Extended service life
  • Reliable and operationally safe operationr
The electronic operating manual that we maintain contains all information required by law (filling and draining of refrigerant, etc.). Our customers receive an annual documentation from us.

Maintenance contract:
  • No need for action
  • You will receive the necessary documents
  • No costs incurred
Actions included:
  • Maintenance (regular)
  • Inspection (regular)
  • Leak testing (min. 1 x per year)

- 24h Service -

You can rely on us!
Our service hotline for you: +49 4273 444
Emergency service

We are always at your disposal.

The smooth operation of your system and customer satisfaction is a priority for us. We offer an emergency service 24 hours / 7 days a week.


Alter Damm 6a
27245 Barenburg, DE
+49 4273 444

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