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More information about the certificates and approvals

H. Schwier GmbH works under active safety management and awarded the full SCC** certificate. This allows us to work as the main contractor on chemical company and petroleum company premises. Our SCC** certification standards guarantees our customers safety and ecologically execution at any stage of the project.

SCC** Certificate

Procedures the certification of management systems in the occupational safety, health and environmental protection fields
What is SCC**?
The SCC** system evaluates the safety management system in companies that are working active in chemical company or oil company premises. The objective of the certification is to standardize the safety regulations for external companies (contractors) at a high level. In order to ensure this, it covers the areas of occupational safety, health and environmental management. An essential component of the SCC** is the requirements placed on the training of employees and managers in contractor companies.
Advantages from SCC**
  • Optimize occupational safety and health protection within the company
  • Promote safety awareness among employees
  • Reduction of accident rates an downtimes
  • Improved legal certainty for companies

ISO 9001 / Quality Management

Customer-oriented living, optimizing processes and incidentally provide the own business efficiency
Sense and purpose of ISO 9001

The goal is to further develop your own potential and to increase customer satisfaction in order to achieve the company's goals efficiently and effectively.

An established quality management system is therefore a good way of future-proofing the company - despite constant change and the resulting changes in the framework conditions and challenges.

The DEKRA certification shows if the processes of the company are planned in accordance with documented procedures.

After successful evaluation, the certificate and DEKRA seal often serve as a basis on which to operate in the national and international markets.
Benefits of ISO 9001
  • Clear responsibilities and processes that lead to greater employee motivation
  • Increased customer satisfaction and stimuli for innovative products and services
  • Increased viability through preventing and minimizing errors
  • Reduction of risks and support for the implementation of laws and regulations

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